What is the point in men?

While having sex, touch is very important, because with their help, the genital areas are stimulated and stimulated they send some information about the pleasure and the perceived pleasure. to the human brain. In women, the 3 most irritable points are distinguished - the clitoris, the U-spot of the urethra and the G-spot, which some couples cannot find for years. In fact, finding a G-spot in women is not so easy, although its location has been described in many medical reference books.

The simplest description of the ji site's location is inside the vagina below the clitoris, that is, just above the anterior wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone. It is located at a depth of 5-6 cm, the size of a pea, slightly rough to the touch like goosebumps. It can be felt in a woman even when she is not in a state of agitation. Some people with fairer sex feel the urge to urinate when this point is stimulated.

There is another version of the existence of a ji point on the vaginal wall of a woman. Some scientists believe that the j-dot is just a prostate embryo! In fact, while still in the womb, the baby has had no gender characteristics for a while. More precisely, they are very subtle up to a certain amount of time. The bump on the baby's body, which is responsible for the appearance of the main sex features, is the G-spot to be looked for. He has multiple nerve endings, through which a mature woman can enjoy a great deal of sexual pleasure. All she needs to achieve an extraordinary orgasm is learn how to find this mysterious, magical G-spot.

It is believed that the ji point is located on the anterior wall of the vagina at a depth of 5-6 cm. Therefore, if you want to find it yourself, you must be the owner of quite long fingers. Despite the fact that the size of the spot is not small at all (its value varies from the size of a ten-kopeck coin to a five-ruble coin), not everyone can find it. First of all, it should be noted that ji should only be looked for when you have had a bit of arousal. In a completely calm state, you simply won't notice or feel it. The best option is to start looking right after orgasm, as ji is the most prominent and sensitive right now. So how do you find this "fun button"?

If you want to find a ji spot with your partner, it is best to do it while lying down. Raise your pelvis by placing a pillow under it - this way, it's much more convenient for a man to check out your intimate place. Partner should carefully insert fingers into the vagina to a depth of 3 to 6 cm. Of course, the fingers should be widely lubricated with your own lubricant or lubricant. You will have to trust your own feelings as you guide your partner's hand. As soon as he finds the desired spot, he will notice that the posterior walls of the vagina begin to contract as it occurs during orgasm.

By the way, when stimulating the G-spot in women, incontinence can often occur. This is due to the fact that this point is located near the urethral area. Furthermore, during orgasm, urine is not released from the urethra but by the paraurethral gland. However, you can avoid this situation simply by releasing the pressure while stimulating the ji-point.

The woman's G-spot is near the clitoris, in front of the vaginal wall. The depth of penetration is from 3 to 5 cm, the range of the "orgasm point" is from 1 to 10 cm, it can be located in the center, left and right.

Where is the G-spot in men?

You can find a G-spot in a man only through the anus, you need to put your finger 4 cm forward. You should be able to feel a small bulge in the front of the abdomen.

When massaging this point, the man will have more orgasm than with normal intercourse, while penis stimulation is optional.

position of point ji in men

G-spot massage for men

A man's complete relaxation and absolute trust in each other. If your partner is pinched and restrained, he gets nothing but painful sensations. Ask your man if he wants you to go this far, don't do it without his consent. Not all men are ready with this style. If you have long or long nails, it is better to delay your search for the G zone, as you can cause minor injury to the rectum of men. The right hand is completely clean. Penetration is unavoidable. Hand skin contact of various microorganisms that can cause infection of both male and female genitalia is unavoidable. Therefore, when having sex in G area, men should avoid touching their penis and genitals. Better yet, do it all in one thin medical.