Vitamins for potency: male alphabet - from A to Zn

Often, even young and healthy men find it difficult to get an erection. And the general condition of the body is unhappy. In the morning there is no feeling of refreshment, energy is also less, strength is only enough to complete the simplest daily tasks. The reason for this is the deficiency of any important nutrients for the body. Taking vitamins to increase potency, you can easily return in this case, sexual strength and tone.

What is important for potency?

Erections and ejaculations are visible manifestations of a complex, largely concealed reproductive system mechanism of action. In order for sex to be successful, an impulse must appear in the male cortex - a signal for a stimulus (partner, fantasy, image). It then travels along nerves to the heart and blood vessels, stimulating the release of hormones - a team game of the whole body begins.

It is not possible to have a full erection and orgasm without:

  • Psychological conditions (sympathetic to sexual partners, acceptable environment for men, etc. );
  • Full health of a man;
  • Stimulating his genitals.

A flaccid penis is often the result of adverse external factors. If a day before a man argued with his partner or was feeling uncomfortable (too noisy, cold, relatives from the bedroom passing through the wall) an erection may not occur, it may bemay disappear during intercourse. The condition of the hormonal background, blood vessels, heart is important. Even pain in an injured knee can sometimes be a debacle.

Factors affecting potency

What factors reduce potency

A big role is played by a man's lifestyle and state of the body. The most harmful to potency:

  1. Abuse of alcohol, especially beer.
  2. Smoke.
  3. The use of drugs, including "light", "club".
  4. Stress is unchanged.
  5. Chronic insomnia, poor sleep quality.
  6. The food is not balanced, there is no system.
  7. Lack of physical activity.
  8. Excessive use of heavy loads.
  9. Change sex partners often.

Any of these factors can lead to the fact that the erection process is no longer as difficult as it used to be. And if you add to them chronic and infectious diseases, especially neglected ones, the risk of potency problems increases.

The basics of proper nutrition for men

food products to increase potency

The absorption of most vitamins and minerals from food is optimal; synthetic complexes cannot be used continuously for many months. In order for the body to be saturated with important nutrients, the diet should include the following foods:

  • Poultry, lean pork, beef, offal;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Egg;
  • Dairy products;
  • Vegetables, berries, herbs, fruits;
  • Nuts, honey;
  • Cereals (cereals).

Meals should be evenly distributed throughout the day and should not be too large. Products that can be eaten without heat treatment should be eaten raw. It is best to boil meat, fish, grill, but not fry.

Pay special attention to zinc. Under its influence, the male body produces the most important sex hormone - testosterone, which affects the level of libido, improves the composition of sperm. Zinc is found in large amounts in meat, bran, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

All food waste should be eliminated or minimized - foods that are low in vitamins and nutrients, but high in salt, fat, liquid smoke, spices, preservatives, flavor enhancers:

  • industrial juices, soft drinks;
  • candy;
  • sausages, sausages;
  • pizza, pastries, hot dogs;
  • mayonnaise and factory sauces;
  • crackers, snacks;
  • Bacon.

A sufficiently varied diet will be a constant source of the ingredients necessary for the strength of the male body. It is important to drink 1-1. 5 liters of water per day.

Importance of vitamins for male strength

vitamins for men

All vitamins are needed by the body in sufficient quantities to ensure the normal functioning of systems and organs. Some of them, such as vitamin D, are produced by humans themselves. You only need to walk in sunny weather, but most of it still comes from outside.

  • Vitamin Aincrease immunity, in the urinary and reproductive systems participate in the formation of protective antibodies against bacteria, infections, which can become agents of prostatitis.
  • B group vitaminsImproves the work of the heart muscle, favorable for blood vessels. With their help, men can improve spermatogenesis, build muscle mass, which is directly related to testosterone hormone levels and improve sexual stamina.
  • Vitamin Cgood for the blood, it normalizes its quality composition, circulation. It is the prevention of cancer, which is involved in the synthesis of many hormones.
  • Vitamin EHelps to cure infertility due to insufficient sperm count, motility or abnormal shape. Prevents the appearance of sticky platelet clusters, which cause vascular diseases, stimulates the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Vitamin DSaves from premature ejaculation, very important for endocrine system, bone growth.
  • Vitamin Kresponsible for how a man's blood clots. Under its influence, the kidneys function normally, oxidation occurs.
  • Vitamin FBeneficial for the walls of veins and arteries, participating in lipid metabolism, ensuring nutrients penetrate into the body's tissues, increasing fertility.
  • Vitamin Cindispensable for metabolic reactions, allows absorption of ascorbic acid, maintains blood glucose levels, participates in gas exchange of the respiratory system, prevents premature aging.

If the body is regularly and adequately supplied with vitamins, it can actively fight stress, stress, and infections. Even if certain vitamins have no direct effect on the reproductive system, overall health without it will not be 100%.

What vitamins to choose to improve potency and when are they needed?

what vitamins are needed for good effect

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find many individual products or complexes that differ in composition and price. When does a man need to buy vitamins and start taking them?

  1. Before, during, or after a stressful period. If there are plans, for example exams, to change jobs, it is better to take the medicine in advance.
  2. With active training.
  3. During the period from January to March. At this time, there are few vitamins in vegetables and fruits, the weather changes, and the cold is affected. It's time to boost your immune system.
  4. After severe illness, surgery is required (a doctor's consultation is required).
  5. If a couple is planning a pregnancy.
  6. Generally hypotonic, lethargic, lethargic.

It is better to take a complex than to buy individual vitamins. Not all of them are "friends" to each other, and the multi-product is balanced. You can take them no more than 2 times a year, for 1-2 months. It is recommended to drink 200-250 ml of purified water in the morning. They differ not only in cost and in the image on the packaging. The composition of the complexes is different, it is useful to change them.

What are vitamins for male strength: a list of drugs

Vitamins are available without a prescription, but it is better to consult a doctor before purchasing. It makes no sense to be guided by price when choosing. It usually covers most of the economic factors (shipping, customs, advertising, etc. ).

But, in one complex, zinc sulfate is indicated, in the other picolinate, and in the third - citrate. For the average person and most pharmacists, the key word would be zinc. And the trick is that picolinate will be most fully absorbed by the body. Doctors understand this better than pharmacy staff.

Side effects and contraindications

Most vitamin complexes are absolutely safe, as long as you do not exceed the percentages stated by the manufacturer. Also, don't take them more often than once every six months. An excess of some vitamins in the body will inevitably cause a deficiency in others. It should be remembered that this is a drug.

Capsules should be swallowed without chewing, as should tablets not specifically labeled as "chewable". You need to drink clean water. Except for iron, vitamin C helps the body easily "absorb", you can take it with sour water. If a man has:

  • allergy;
  • individual intolerance to vitamin preparations;
  • cancer;
  • Diabetes;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • any disease in the acute stage

He will need a doctor's consultation to choose the medication and possibly adjust the length of the course as well as the daily dose.
In case of an atypical reaction of the body - tachycardia, rash, itching, difficulty breathing, the drug is stopped before visiting a doctor. In severe cases (anaphylaxis), call an ambulance.

Proper use of male enhancement supplements, vitamins and health-promoting supplements and sexual power. This is a good way to prevent nerve and body exhaustion and many diseases. The reward for taking care of your body will be - long-lasting potency and strong erections.