What folk remedies can enhance the effect?

a woman in bed with a man has increased the effect of folk remedies

To increase effectiveness, men can look to folk remedies for help if they don't want to be treated with specialized modern drugs. But what is important is the effectiveness of folk recipes to avoid stress and inability to load into problems. Enhance potency with really effective folk remedies and methods if

a man maintains a correct, comprehensive and nutritious diet, a healthy lifestyle, eliminating bad habits. What are the folk ways?

Chinese schizandra or schizandra

It has been cultivated in China for many thousands of years. The fruit of this plant is in berry form and is currently being used for medicinal purposes. They can have a healing effect on the entire body and help restore male strength.

Chinese lemongrass to increase potency

Chinese lemongrass is also known as heather, its roots, seeds and stems have a lemon smell that corresponds to the name. With the help of the berries of this plant, male potency can be improved. These include ascorbic acid, vitamins of all groups and eighteen other amino acids.

Lemongrass was used by healers in ancient China to effectively treat men. You can buy lemongrass berries in pharmacies as tinctures from them, as well as absorbable tablets from their dry extract.

There is also lemongrass syrup. Alcohol from the fruit of this plant can be prepared independently of the dried fruit and alcohol. Schisandra chinensis gives potency with no side effects, unlike other drugs for potency.

worker bees

Pollen is collected by bees from flowering plants and processed by the bees' salivary glands. It is used by athletes worldwide to build strength and increase endurance. Its medicinal properties are well known.

But bee pollen is especially useful for potency. It is the most effective aphrodisiac. You need to drink once a day, each time a teaspoon half an hour before meals for a month, then can repeat the course.


days to increase potency

Dates contain about 65% sugar and they have a beneficial effect on male potency. Dates are useful both in dried form and in combination with almonds and coconut.

If men use dates to increase potency, then after about forty minutes they can feel an increase in their strength.

Sour cream

A product such as sour cream is rich in useful properties due to the presence of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins of different groups, biotin, beta-carotene, calcium, organic acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iodine. It helps the male sex organs, increasing potency.

Sour cream is high in calories, which can quickly satisfy hunger. With the highest percentage of fat, it is richer in nutrients than low in fat.

Many people already know how sour cream affects the effect. Men eat a few tablespoons of the product daily to help maintain and improve the health and normal functioning of the genitals.


aloe vera to increase potency

Aloe vera or agave is common enough that many plants are commonly grown at home. It is known for its many healing properties and cures impotence in men. With regular use of aloe to increase potency in the shortest possible time, it will help to return a healthy man.

Especially useful is a tincture of aloe juice with honey and wine. A mixture of aloe juice, honey, goose fat, avocado and rose hip is also very helpful. You need to use one tablespoon inside before meals, three times a day.

Rose hips

Rosehip has many useful and healing properties that have been known since ancient times. There are wild rosehip varieties and garden varieties for plots and front gardens. Rosehip is widely used in medicine, if added hawthorn will have the effect of tonifying the heart, clearing blood vessels, nourishing blood and enhancing male strength.

Aloe vera, rose hip powder and parsley seeds are the main ingredients of a decoction for male enhancement. Red wine and honey are mixed with this broth, then steeped for two weeks. And then 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals and the man's potency will increase.

Rosehip for potency increase is also useful with rowan berries. It is better to dry the berries before use and apply together in equal amounts.


Stinging nettle is found almost everywhere and many people try to get rid of it because of its stinging properties, considering it as a weed in their area.

But it has long been known for its medicinal properties and benefits. Men with impotence, genitourinary system problems, and penile weakness can be treated with stinging nettle seeds.

Stinging nettle has a very useful effect in the form of tinctures, which include stinging nettle seeds and grape seeds. Alcohol should be taken at bedtime at a dose of 75 mg.

nettle to increase potency

Shilajit for effect

Mumiyo is an organic mineral product of natural origin and used in alternative medicine. The location of mumiyo is India, Mongolia, Iran, Arabia, Indonesia, Australia, Burma, South America, China, Nepal, Afghanistan and northeastern African countries.

Its composition is rich in useful substances, including vitamins, ascorbic acid, important amino acids, essential oils. Thanks to these factors, mumiyo is known for its medicinal properties that help to improve and enhance human health. Shilajit is widely used for male power, increasing and stabilizing it.

There are different recipes for making potions from mummies to take effect.

Healing infusions will help improve sexual function. Mummy solution is prepared from two grams of mumiyo and ten tablespoons of water. One spoon of infusion should be taken before meals in the morning. Infusion therapy should be carried out in stages.

Take it first for ten days, then take a five-day break. Next, for the next ten days, again infuse mumiyo in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, a solution of honey.

It requires 2 ml of honey and 10 tablespoons of water. Then there is a ten-day break, and then the previous infusion of mumiyo and honey is repeated. Such a course of treatment will improve potency, but for full recovery you need to use a solution of 10 tablespoons of water and 4 grams of honey and mumiyo.

Another well-known formula to increase male potency. You need to take 0. 2 g of mumiyo, a spoon of honey and an egg yolk. All ingredients are mixed and taken for four weeks in the morning before meals and in the evening before going to bed.

Which remedy is better is the choice of each man. Is it worth taking the appropriate drugs prescribed by the doctor, or using traditional methods. Self-medication is not worth it, any treatment should be carried out in consultation with a specialist, since even medicinal plants have contraindications and side effects.

Only a doctor can tell you what might happen to a certain person, because many people can have chronic conditions and they can't take many medications.

Most importantly, to improve male strength, you must lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain proper healthy nutrition.