How to increase potency in natural ways? 5 most effective recommendations

It is worth mentioning that the persistent potency problem worries many men - both in adulthood and sometimes in the younger years. There can be many reasons for this. For example, chronic fatigue, neurological disorders, physical injury and others. It is noteworthy that in most cases, male representatives used artificial drugs such as the famous pill.

But, unfortunately, medications often have side effects, and their regular use can only lead to new complications. However, don't worry. There are many natural ways to increase the potency, which will quickly get you back in shape without the use of medications and any medical intervention. To learn more about this, read on.

Poor potency in men how to increase

1. Eat right

As you know, a nutritious and well-balanced diet is the basis of the health of our entire body. And this rule, of course, is in effect in the case of the work of erectile function. First of all, pay attention to present in your diet a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits.

It is a food that contains the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals needed by our body. Particular attention should be paid to vitamins C, E, B, as well as the minerals zinc and selenium. All of these substances are found in large amounts in carrots, legumes, walnuts, honey, onions, garlic and eggs. In addition, also need to pay attention to supplement animal protein and carbohydrates.

2. Physical activity

Naturally, the presence of a sufficient amount of physical activity has a huge impact on our health. Ideally, you should go to the gym 2-3 times a week, go for a regular morning jog or sign up for martial arts practice. But you can start at least with regular exercises in the morning and gradually increase your stress levels. Regular exercise is very helpful in raising the level of testosterone in the blood, the main male hormone responsible for libido.

There are also special exercises to increase potency. Examples include "hit ball", "plow", "butterfly", run in place and different types of squats. Fortunately, online you will find a lot of detailed instructional videos on the subject. But here the ways to increase effectiveness are just beginning.

physical activity to increase potency

3. Reduce excess weight

Being overweight is one of the main enemies of good effect. Severe weight gain contributes to a decrease in the amount of the known hormone testosterone. Furthermore, with an increase in the amount of fat in a man's body, the amount of female sex hormone (estrogen) also increases, i. e. both in appearance and behavior, men become more like women. In addition, being overweight not only negatively affects libido, but also significantly increases the risk of many diseases, while simultaneously reducing the protective properties of the immune system.

So if your waist circumference exceeds 92–94 cm, this is already a clear sign of obesity and unbalanced nutrition. Luckily, thanks to the first two recommendations, you already know how to fix this.

4. Bad habits

Of course, addictions like drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs also have a very negative effect on your ability, not to mention the harm to the whole body. You can be sure that by simply letting go of such habits you will be able to overcome most body problems and regain your previous "ready to fight" state. As you can see, the ways to increase effect vary widely.

5. Sleep and nervous system

As you know, in order to fully recover from daytime worries, our bodies need at least 8-9 hours of good sleep. The advice for you is that during this crucial process, you should not be distracted by any unpleasant light or sound sources i. e. darkness and silence are necessary.

Healthy sleep to increase potency

It is also important to mention the harmful effects of unnecessary anxiety, depression and stress. Sexual ability and libido are significantly impaired when the human nervous system is under great stress. So it has been given to nature by nature, so that the fertilization process can take place in the most comfortable and safe conditions.

As you can see, all of these methods are very simple and quite simple to implement the methods of potency, however, have a huge impact on your reproductive system. Try to start complying with these recommendations in the near future, and then not only will your potency improve, but the health of the entire organism as a whole will improve.