What affects potency in men?

For every man, it is important that his masculinity is always at a normal level. However, over time, it can weaken under the influence of various factors. As a result, psychological problems arise. Therefore, many representatives of the male sex are interested in the question - what affects potency? It can be affected by various factors of vital activity - diseases, products, drugs and other ingredients. It is important to understand whether they affect libido in a negative or positive way.

bad habits and their impact on potency

Impact of bad habits

The presence of bad habits can have an adverse effect on the level of male potency. Negative habits include:

  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. While drinking a large amount of alcohol, there is a harmful effect not only on male strength, but also on the condition of the liver. In case of violation of the function of this organ, the level of sex hormone - testosterone will decrease. With regular alcohol use in a man, there is a disturbance in the functioning of the gonads. In addition, there is a violation of the degree of sensitivity of the spinal center, which causes a decrease in erectile function and ejaculation;
  • Medicine. These substances have a harmful effect on the condition of the spinal cord. As a result, erectile dysfunction occurs.
  • Smoking can also have a harmful effect on potency. However, when smoking a small amount of cigarettes per day, male potency can be maintained at a normal level.

With increased alcohol consumption, as well as with medication, serious diseases can occur, especially hepatitis C. This is a serious liver disorder that leads to decreased production of male hormones. Thus, against the background of hepatitis, there is a decline in erectile function.


The intake of certain drugs can have an impact on male potency, as a result of which violations occur, namely a decrease in potency. Medications that decrease sex drive include the following:

  • hormonal drugs, for example, used to treat cancer conditions;
  • drugs that have a depressant effect on the brain - antidepressants, addictive components, alcoholic beverages;
  • sometimes completely harmless drugs, diuretics, herbal medicines, drugs to reduce the level of acidity, can cause potency disturbances.

Before using any drug, it is necessary to study their instructions in detail, see the side effects and contraindications. It is important to take the dose prescribed by a specialist.

The influence of food

First of all, it's better to eliminate all foods that contain animal fat. In addition, it is important to limit the consumption of foods containing carbohydrates as much as possible. Often these products are present in large quantities in men. Their diet consists of sandwiches, pasta, sauces, mayonnaise. Not all foods can negatively affect a man's strength. There are people who, on the contrary, can improve her condition.

To normalize the effect, you should add components like:

  • a carrot;
  • dill, parsley;
  • garlic and onion;
  • cabbage varieties;
  • ingredients with a high content of vitamin C - blackcurrant, lettuce, pepper, spinach, rose hip;
  • to increase potency, you can eat seafood;
  • to increase libido, you should eat as many nuts and seeds as possible;
  • Meat products and legumes are needed.

Effect of disease on potency state

Various diseases can lead to decreased male fertility. First of all, these are endocrine pathologies, in which there is a violation of the synthesis of sex hormones. Usually, potency is adversely affected by liver diseases, especially hepatitis C. In the period of hepatitis, a decrease in immunity and abnormalities in liver function occurs, leading to a weakening of the liver. of effect.

In addition, diseases of the spinal cord and brain, various neurological disorders can lead to a decrease in potency. These include the following states:

  • epilepsy;
  • traumatic injuries in the perineal area and in the small pelvis, as well as trauma after surgical interventions;
  • the presence of chronic and autoimmune disorders;
  • circulatory problems;
  • Parkinson disease.

In addition, infectious pathologies, as well as stressful situations, can lead to a decrease in potency. As has become clear, various factors can affect potency. Some of them have a negative effect, while others, on the contrary, have a positive effect. Therefore, it is important to know what affects potency. This will help avoid problems with sexual function and prevent unpleasant consequences at the earliest stage when they occur.