3 best ways to quickly increase potency

poor effect and how to increase potency

What is of greater value to a man than for his sexual health and steadfastness? Statistics show that more than 50% of the male population has some kind of sexual problem. And their numbers are increasing every day.

The question of how to increase this level of effectiveness today is posed not only by older men, but also by young people.

Difficult environmental circumstances, high levels of stress, many haunting problems and do not allow you to relax, chronic illness, away from your ideal lifestyle - all these are just a fraction of what it is. Every man has to go through, and certainly affects his health. including men.

How can you avoid problems with effect, or get rid of them with the least amount of loss?

Please define terminology

Sexual capacity is the ability to perform intercourse, a manifestation of male sexuality, expressed in parameters such as erection rate, usefulness, duration of sexual intercourse and other characteristics. Sexual capacity cannot be equated with the number of sexual intercourse and the presence of lust.

A healthy man is able to have full sexual intercourse until death. The idea that age-dependent potency problems are often confused. Signs of good potency can be observed in men. These include:

  1. average weight and height;
  2. comprehensive development;
  3. body skin clean hair;
  4. coordination of movements is impeccable;
  5. response to stimuli is immediate;
  6. mental ability at a high level;
  7. the voice is low enough, but clear;
  8. confident.

You can also highlight the factors that negatively affect the potency:

  1. lifestyle and age suitability;
  2. bad habits - alcohol, smoking, fast food;
  3. nervous disorders, depression and manic, nervous states;
  4. diseases of the heart and vascular system;
  5. the use of certain drugs;
  6. hormonal disease;
  7. diseases of the genitourinary system;
  8. brain damage caused by a tumor;
  9. extreme low or high temperature;
  10. steroid use in sports training and athletic activities;
  11. herb and whole surplus;
  12. sex life many episodes.

To determine how to normalize effect, you must first determine which factors are fundamental and have the greatest impact. Quite often, young people experience weak erections, caused by psychological problems - a lack of confidence in themselves and their strengths and complexities. In adult men (around 80 years old), potency violations are caused by physiological problems.

The methods of enhancing the effect

There are three ways to increase the potency:

  1. physical exercises;
  2. reasonable nutrition for good effect;
  3. the use of drugs and procedures.

To highlight the most effective method, you will need a specialist to evaluate the specific characteristics and nuances of the male body, correlating them with the severity of the disorder andthe most suitable technique. However, if you don't want to see a specialist yet, you can use all the techniques in combination.

Medical ways to correct erectile dysfunction

You can increase effectiveness with the help of special processes and preparations. The effectiveness of these measures is quite high, over 95%.

Among them are types such as:

  • distribution of PDE5 inhibitors,
  • injection into the cavernous and urethra;
  • natural remedies to increase male potency;
  • mentality;
  • vacuum massage;
  • physical therapy;
  • surgical therapy.

Any medicine used for potency can only be used after they have had the consent of two doctors - your personal doctor and your doctor. Only then can you start taking it regularly.

Basic medicine

Modern medicine uses several family of drugs to help effectively tackle the problem of reduced erection. These tools include:

  1. preparations containing yohimbine;
  2. tonic medicine;
  3. products with cantharidin.

These drugs have one common feature - they have a similar working prototype and their main purpose is to pump blood into relaxed smooth muscles, helping to widen the boundaries of the cavernous body, increase the likelihood of an erection. . The main advantage of such funds can be called their lack of discipline, because the reception from them is similar - the point is that blood flow increases day in and day out.

Specific sports exercises

Men experience the complexity of their own helplessness under the influence of their environment and lifestyle. For men who are sexually active, have active posture, work mobile and adhere to sports activities. described here.

You can increase an erection and increase efficiency with the help of gentle physical activity, available to everyone. Jogging or some kind of warm-up will help, as well as yoga or simple exercise.

Helps boost erectile function during a contrasting shower and morning sex. This allows you to keep yourself in good shape and also has a positive effect on potency.

Different exercises

Exercise for the pelvic organs, can strengthen muscle tissue and enhance human sexual performance. A man should freeze when urinating three times a day, and then quickly resume it. This type of training will help ensure good erectile function.

Exercises from Kundalini Yoga. It is a complex of masculinity and sexual energy that helps to promote libido, improve quality of sex life and improve muscles.

Breathing exercises help increase blood flow, help increase erections.

The Importance of a Proper Diet

Proper diet is one of the key components of stable health, including sexual health. The male body must receive vitamins in the right amount, as well as trace elements, minerals and more that are required for a healthy metabolism and adequate sexual performance.

A man's diet should include:

  1. dairy products and meat;
  2. limited ration of carbohydrates (grains, vegetables);
  3. seafood and seafood cocktails.
  4. Plant elements, nuts, herbs, seeds;
  5. vegetables and fruits.

All of these contain shocking doses of vitamins that increase hormone levels.