What products can be used to increase potency?

Proper nutrition is the main condition for maintaining potency. Large amounts of junk food - fast food, fried and smoked foods, coffee, alcohol - negatively affect erectile function. Products for potency help maintain health until ripe. Men with sexual dysfunction need to know what to eat to increase libido.

Products for men

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With age, many men experience problems in achieving an erection, premature ejaculation and reduced intercourse time. Proper nutrition will help get rid of these disorders, including a list of foods that promote male vitality.


The diet should contain nuts. Their effects on the body:

  1. Eat 75g of walnuts daily to improve sperm quality. After 1 week of such a diet, sperm shape improved, sperm count increased.
  2. Brazil nuts increase testosterone levels in men, which can increase libido. Only 3 Brazil nuts fully satisfy the human body's need for selenium.
  3. Cashews help increase sperm production. They fight fatigue, saturate the body with energy.
  4. Consuming small amounts of almonds daily reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, normalizes metabolism and helps raise testosterone levels.

Camel stomach

Camel belly to enhance sexual power

This exotic dish immediately has a powerful aphrodisiac effect. The causative agent should be taken about half an hour before the expected intercourse. To enhance sexual strength and endurance, it is recommended to consume only 5 g of camel's stomach.

An alternative to this bizarre instant aphrodisiac is rennet alcohol. To prepare it, the jerky stomach is poured with vodka for several weeks. This alcohol is preserved for a long time and can be taken in 1 teaspoon. to increase sexual stamina.


This seafood contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, trace elements (some of which are beneficial for men's health - selenium, zinc, phosphorus, nickel) and amino acids - valine. , tyrosine, tryptophan, leucine and arginine. The increase in the concentration of active ingredients is due to oysters having a filter nutrient pattern, which means that beneficial substances accumulate in the body of mollusks in large quantities.

Oyster is a powerful aphrodisiac

Eating small amounts of oysters on a daily basis can help increase testosterone production and sperm count. Zinc, selenium and arginine contribute to increasing the number of active sperm, increasing semen volume. The amino acids and vitamins in oyster meat help increase sex time, shorten erection time after ejaculation.

Oysters are also one of the most powerful libido stimulants. Stimulants help increase the production of dopamine in the brain. To stimulate sex drive, just consuming 10 fresh clams is enough.

Quail eggs

Eating these eggs regularly helps to increase blood circulation in the genital area. This product is extremely helpful for blood vessels as it helps to dissolve atherosclerotic plaques. Quail eggs are also required for the full production of testosterone, without it a normal libido would not be possible.

Eggs have a beneficial effect on the prostate gland, helping to saturate it with zinc and other beneficial substances. Work against prostate fibroids, prevent fast ejaculation. Regularly eating quail eggs contributes to:

  • improve the transmission quality of nerve impulses;
  • normalize the synthesis of sex hormones;
  • increase feelings of satisfaction;
  • Shorten recovery time between orgasms;
  • increased orgasm;
  • an increase in erection time;
  • increase the likelihood of an erection.

For a beneficial effect, just drinking 4 quail eggs a day is enough.


Grapes help strengthen an erection

These sweet fruits have a positive effect on the male body. They are especially helpful for men with heart disease. Polyphenols, which are part of berries, improve metabolism, normalize blood cholesterol levels. All this improves blood circulation, incl. in the genital area, helps to strengthen an erection and increase its duration.

Laboratory studies demonstrate grape benefits for male infertility. The fetus increases sperm count and activity, making it easier for a man to conceive.

Honey bread

Honey is effective in restoring a man's ability and increasing libido. This is also the most affordable treatment for impotence. This beekeeping product is considered to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.

It is enough to consume no more than 2 tablespoons per day. handle bees. It can be washed off with water or added a little to tea.

Perga is a repository of useful substances that have beneficial effects on the male body. This product is capable of replacing most vitamin complexes. Eating bee bread helps to eliminate the deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the blood.

Perga contains a large amount of amino acids. Increase sperm count and strength with regular use. This beekeeping product is also used to restore male ability, as it helps to increase blood circulation.

Do not use honey and bee bread if you are allergic to any beekeeping products.


This vegetable not only has the ability to reduce coughs, soothe pain, but also help increase efficiency. Radish contains vitamins (with an almost complete set of B vitamins), fiber, a large number of trace elements,Radish normalizes potencyNeeded to restore the normal potency, essential oils. Glucoraphanin contributes to enhanced protection against adenoma and prostate cancer.

The systemic use of radish dishes lowers blood cholesterol, so blood circulation in the pelvic region increases. Radish improves the conduction of nerve impulses, allowing men to experience sharper and brighter orgasms.

It is forbidden to use radish for acute hepatitis, cholecystitis, gastric ulcer, duodenum.


It is a delicious remedy to prevent erectile dysfunction in men. Contains:

Eat chocolate - prevent erectile dysfunction
  • dopamine (mood improvement);
  • tryptophan (increased passion);
  • phenylfetamine (activates the brain regions responsible for the onset of pleasure and sexual pleasure, increases production of the "happiness hormone);
  • anandamide (promote euphoria);
  • endorphins (positively affects desire);
  • theobromine (contributes to long-term good mood maintenance).

Men should eat a small amount of the ventricles per day. It is better if the content of cocoa products in chocolate is more than 65%.

Flounder increases stamina when having sex


Healthy marine fish are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. Flounder is high in zinc. The high amount of protein helps to accelerate the development of muscle mass to increase the endurance during intercourse, and the time to have longer intercourse.


This vegetable contains the hormone aldosterone, which stimulates the testicles. Celery's vitamin and mineral composition normalizes the work of all organs, tone and rejuvenates the body.

The benefit of this vegetable is that it regulates the activity of the genitourinary system, which is closely linked to the reproductive system. The roots remove swelling, dissolve cholesterol plaques, remove stones from the kidneys and bladder.


Includes folic acid, copper, vitamins B6, K, C, and potassium. The presence of avocado in the diet helps to protect the body from male diseases and sexual dysfunction.

Pomegranate Jade

This fruit is not only used to improve health but also to enhance potency. Pomegranates contain many vitamins and zinc, helping to restore male strength. The benefits of red fruits are as follows:

  • involved in the production of dopamine - the hormone of pleasure;
  • normalizes the work of the gonads, which is involved in the synthesis of testosterone;
  • maintaining the normal state of blood vessels;
  • increases the speed of impulses, restores the activity of central and peripheral organs of the nervous system;
  • improved sperm composition;
  • increases the number of surviving sperm.

Certain types of meat

Meat is a male product that has a positive effect. But this property is only possessed by easily digestible meats that contain minimal amounts of fat.

The most useful is the beef. It is the best food to maintain sexual stamina. Beef is of high nutritional quality, high in calories and easy to digest. Contains zinc, an essential amino acid that helps promote testosterone production.

Meat in a man's diet to increase potency

To increase potency, men should consume the following meats:

  1. Chicken. It gives strength, activates the production of testosterone.
  2. Rabbit meat. Meat contains zinc, iron, potassium, all vitamins necessary for men's health.
  3. Horseflesh. This meat is balanced in its composition. It is recommended to enhance sexual function in men, to improve sperm production and the quality of semen. Horse meat prevents infertility.
  4. Olenin. It is a low calorie dietary product. It is an effective erection enhancer that promotes strong testosterone production.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain vitamins A, B, E, K, F, zinc and phosphorus, organic acids: alpha-lipoic, linoleic, folic. These include polyunsaturated acids - omega-3 and omega-6. All of this is of great importance to men's health. 100 g of seeds contain half of the daily value of zinc, which is responsible for the normal synthesis of testosterone.

Pumpkin seeds are used to prevent male diseases associated with prostate dysfunction and benign proliferation of its tissues. This delicious product strengthens the heart and vascular system due to its high vitamin F content.

Pumpkin seeds are best eaten raw. If you fry them even a little, they lose some of their nutritional properties. Pumpkin seeds with honey are especially delicious and healthy.


Dates have a positive effect on the male body

Fruit in the form of dried fruit has the effect of nourishing the male body:

  • stimulates brain activity;
  • restores nervous system activity in conditions of increased emotional stress and stress;
  • increase physical endurance;
  • remove harmful cholesterol;
  • destroy disease-causing organisms.

To provide your body with a daily intake of magnesium and half of iron, it is sufficient to consume 7 dates per day. The same amount of dried fruit will be indispensable to restore normal semen volume and required number of surviving sperm.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables have a beneficial effect on the work of the male body

Spinach is used as a spice that has a positive effect on the work of the male body. To restore energy and libido, use the following herbs:

  1. Parsley. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain potency. Parsley normalizes nervous system activity, increases calcium absorption, promotes testosterone production and maintains a strong erection. These green vegetables prevent the development of prostatitis.
  2. Dill. Contains vitamins C, E, B, as well as calcium, potassium. It is a good source of arginine, which dilates blood vessels and enhances erections. Consuming the seeds of this plant increases blood flow to the penis, helping to increase the likelihood of an erection.
  3. Kinzu. Inhibits depression and improves mood. To enhance the potency, it is better to eat fresh coriander. To prevent prostatitis, this spice should be used with cumin and parsley seeds.
  4. Basil. Contains Evengol, removes harmful cholesterol. This cleans the blood vessels and helps maintain a long and strong erection.


This spice helps improve a man's happiness, restore confidence in sexual power. Tree roots have a strong blood tonic effect, regular use will increase the amount of testosterone, increase libido. Even a small amount of ginger increases the production of healthy stem cells.

Ginger root has a positive anti-tumor effect. It suppresses adenoma.

Garlic is a fast-acting aphrodisiac


Extremely powerful aphrodisiacs, quick-acting indispensable for erectile dysfunction cases. It dissolves bad cholesterol and stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs. Garlic promotes the synthesis of testosterone, normalizes testicular function.

Garlic is used raw, boiled and as a seasoning for dishes.


This fish contains a large amount of easily digestible protein and a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids that help improve fitness.

Mackerel helps activate sex hormone production, reducing irritability. Regularly eating this fish provides the physical boost needed to have sex.

Mussels increase production of testosterone


These shellfish contain all the trace elements and vitamins necessary to maintain potency. They are a valuable source of omega acids, providing zinc and iodine to the body. Amino acids contained in mussels enhance libido, increase testosterone production.

Mussels contain 2, 5 times more protein than beef.

Easy recipes and dishes for men's health

Apple salad with celery and nuts

The following healthy and light meals are prepared for men:

  1. Apple salad with celery and nuts. To prepare it, apples are cut into cubes, celery and nuts are added to them. For the sauce, squeeze lemon juice, mix with yogurt, season with salt and sugar.
  2. Beef braised with ginger. Peel and chop the onion and ginger. The peppercorns remove the core, cut into square blocks. Beef is washed, peeled and cut along the "bag" form. They put vegetables in it. Soak in oil, alcohol, hop-suneli spices. Fry on a pan.
  3. Date with gorgonzola cheese. Dried fruit, washed, sliced vertically, removed bone. Cheese is kneaded with a fork with lemon peel. A small cheese ball is placed in each day and pressed.


To increase potency, men can use drugs containing bioactive substances. But they do not have a beneficial effect on the body. Only natural products help maintain and enhance potency without harmful consequences to the body.


Potency-enhancing products should be included in the men's daily diet, used to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. A sensible diet is an excellent alternative to taking chemically synthesized drugs for potency.